User Manual

Installing TailPOS

2. Press "TailPOS -Point of Sale"

3. Press the INSTALL button.

4. Close playstore, find and press the TailPOS app on your homescreen.

Setting up TailPOS

After pressing the TailPOS icon, the app will open and you are ask to:

Set Owner PIN

  1. Fill out all the information needed then press the "Set Pin" button.

Selecting Attendant

  1. Press the dropdown list or the arrow down icon and choose your attendant.

2. After choosing your attendant, press the "Next" button.

3. Enter your pin.

Managing Items

  1. To add a new item press "Listings" on the menu.

2. Click the "Create new Item" button.

3. Fill out all information needed.

4. After filling out all information, press the "Save new Item" button.

Managing Categories

  1. To add a new item press "Listings" on the menu.

2. Press the category tab.

3. Press the "Create new Item" menu.

4. Fill out all information.

5. Press the "Save new Category" button

Managing Discounts

  1. To add a new item press "Listings" on the menu.

2. Press the Discounts tab.

3. Press the "Create new Category" button.

4. Fill out all the information needed.

5. Click the "Save new Discount".

Configuring Settings


On the bluetooth menu you can find the Registered Devices and Available Devices. You can also setup the Bluetooth Scanner.

To enable the Bluetooth Scanner, press the chechbox located at the lower part of the screen.


Under the Company Settings, you can edit your Company Name, Company Header, and Company Footer.

After editing press the save button at the top right corner of your screen.


To ADD an attendant fill out all information ask. Attendant Name and a Pin (4 letter combination). Then press the Save Attendant button.


To be able to use the Sync function, you should first install our ERPNext application ---‚Äč

A. To sync recent information updated/added press the sync button.

B. To sync ALL information on local database press the force sync button.

Note that the Sync and Force Sync button will only appear when all fields are filled

POS Transactions


A. To open/begin shift, press Shift on menu.

Enter Beginning Cash and press the "Open Shift" button.

B. To close/end shift, press the "Close Shift" button.

Enter Actual money or on-hand money then press the "Set Actual Money" button.


To view receipts, click Receipts on the menu.

Then click on the receipt you want to view.

To cancel receipt, click the cancel button at the top left side of your screen.


Z Reading Report

Z Reports are on the day report of all shifts. To generate Z Reading press the "Generate Z Reading" button at the top right corner of your screen.

X Reading Report

X Reports are shift report information. To view X reports click on the Shift you want to view on the list.

Logging Out

To logout press Logout on menu.