Syncing to Frappe/ERPNext (demo)

A quick demo of syncing the Tailpos mobile app to a frappe/erpnext server

Login to demo server



password: @Bailabs

making a new item

Go To Item List.

Make a new item.

Select your new item to see its properties.

Select item price under Pricing.

Make sure the “In TailPOS” checkbox is checked.

Then save your item properties.

TailPOS app side

Go to settings>sync

Fill up sync settings

  • ERPnext Server:

  • Username:

  • Password: @Bailabs

  • Device ID: <>

Setting up device ID

To create Device ID go to device list then make new device.

Create device name and POS profile.

Fill out information need in the POS profile:

  • Name: <>

  • Series: ACC-SINV-.YYYY.-

  • Accounting

    • Write Off Accounting: Write Off – D

    • Write Off Cost Center: Main – D

Select your new device.

Device ID is displayed at the top right corner near the save button.


Once your done saving the sync settings, “Force Sync” the settings.

Once sync is successful, go to your sales tab and fill up a sample transaction.

Confirm the transaction by looking at your “Receipts” tab.

Now go back to your Settings>Sync and force sync the receipt data to the server.

Verify by going to “Receipts” list and check the receipts that was generated.